excavating Ltd.

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Excavating - Foundations, Additions, Loading Docks, Retaining Walls, Ponds

Trenching - Hydro, Gas, Water and Sewer Service (new and repairs).

Septic System -Installations and Maintenance, Septic Tanks Filtration Beds. *Certified installer of Waterloo Bio-filter Systems

Cistern Installations

Grading - Berms, Ditches, Slopes, Swales, Existing Lots, Compounds, Driveways and Parking Lots.

General Contracting -  Renovations for Greenhouses and Agricultural Industries, Land Clearing and Grubbing of Lots.

Phone: 905-984-7602



honey wagon ltd.

Phone: 905-684-6639

New for 2012, Corny's is proud to introduce Corny's Honey Wagon Ltd. A licensed sewage hauler, which is able to provide quick and efficient cleaning of your septic tank.

Services include removing 'YOUR' waste and cleaning the septic tank. Pumping out your septic tank is a regular part of maintaining your septic system, and will prolong the life use of the entire system. The Ministry of Environment recommends that septic tanks be pumped out every 3-5 years. 

We also offer plastic risers and lids which replaces the existing concrete lids for easy access and location. The new lids are installed to be flush to the ground. Service for your septic system as far as pumps, alarms and control box's are also available.

*Please note, the risers may not be applicable in all locations. We also service winery locations for harvest waste.

Phone: 905-684-6639

Alt Phone: 905-984-7602